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What started as a philanthropic endeavor has for the moment taken on a much broader for profit role out of necessity.

The original intent of nYxOPS was philanthropic in nature. The plan was a simple one; live off my retirement and dedicate my time to sharing my vast entrepreneurial experience and global ecosystem with triple vetted operators. A sort of business incubator for some, vetted opportunity network for others. A place for my warrior brothers to find a new purpose. The intent was to match them with appropriate ivy league MBAs, build a team and resource the endeavor to hedge success. We had prominent donors and colleges lined up, roughed out the concept when my military career came to an abrupt end without the benefit of my retirement. The blessings of being a whistle-blower is that I've had to re-imagine and re-engineer my entire life. So the night gave birth to chaos. During those four years my life and this company has taken many amazing turns thanks to the genuinely kind people whose universe collided with mine.

Teaming is Critical for Success

  • BattleBorn Munition

    From Bullets to Bell Helicopters this company is a partner with an eminence mutual synergy. Rather than compete we compliment each other to provide our clients the best solution.

  • Brunner Aerospace

    MD Helicopter OEM representatives with decades of Joint Operations experience and a solid partner for US government contracts and Operations requiring Part135/CARB.

  • DefensTech

    Armor Specialists with solid material science and product innovations background and global business experience. A solid and trusted partner for hostileclim8 and clim8gear.

  • FleetSecurity

    FltSec, like all partners, is a been there done that company that handles many of our physical security related needs. From protecting precious cargo to our executive staff we rely on them.

  • INDYcompetition

    PODIUMlife utilizes A1GP (2004 F1 Ferrari Spec) cars to create a gentlemen's country club race series at sperate summer and winter venues while hosting a IRL support race event in May

  • hostileClim8

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  • Helistream

    Premier Provider of Helicopter instruction ranging from R22/44/66, AStar & Bell205/206

  • Evo-Lux

    We evaluated numerous options for moving our high value clients in key global financial cities and found none better than utilizing goevolux. Their high profile high risk client manager exceeds our expectation.


Business Consulting

Decades of entrepreneurial experiences have built a unique skill set and and extraordinary ecosystem that can be leveraged for our clients.

Sustainable Technology

NYXops has IP and proprietary knowledge both in house and within their ecosystem that can be accessed for the benefit of the client.

Native APPS in Aviation

Significant prior experience in app development and deployment has let NYXops to assemble both APIs and programmers to make aviation more efficient.

Global Military Assistance

From the former Eastern Block to GCC/MENA we've got years of experience sourcing equipment and providing training.

Partnership Assessment

We've seen more failures than success which has given us a unique opportunity to understand how leadership and team building truly shapes organizations that can out maneuver the competition to effective execute the plan.
Our ecosystem can help build your team.

Synergistic Philanthropy

We're pretty selective about helping charities that meet our unique requirement of dynamic synergy and core values. As a company we're far from ordinary and we don't often resonate with ordinary endeavors which is why we love to support groups like Rhino911.com


News & Events

May toOctober

The endless summer saw BrunnerAerospace launch their Utility Aviation Part135 Operation into the most demanding airspace in the USA during the busiest Season. Under our Part135 certificate we can manage and operate your aircraft to great profitability.


Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) was born from the Aerospace Africa civilian exhibition (the roots of which lay in the original Lanseria air show in 1975) and the DEXSA military exhibition. The first in the series of aviation exhibitions, which later became known as Aviation Africa and now Africa Aerospace & Defence, took place at Lanseria Airport in October 1975.....


Spring is a time for new beginnings and BrunnerAerospace and BBMi worked together with the Iraq government to supply many new helicopters along with associated training support provided by NYXops


Rhino911 org is a 501c3 that has arranged to demonstrate how the capabilities of military special operations technology can be employed to quell the poaching of endangered animals. Key technologies are ISR sensor systems combined with aircraft.

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